22 December 2014

HeidelbergCement sells property in Stockholm

In the context of optimising its asset structure, HeidelbergCement is selling property located at Lövholmen in Stockholm to enable residential development. The company currently operates a cement terminal on this property, which it plans to move to an industrial zone at Värtan in Stockholm. A sales contract has been signed between HeidelbergCement and a consortium of Järntorget Byggintressenter AB and Besqab AB. Both companies are active in the holding and development of real estate. The agreed minimum price of the property amounts to about €115 millon. The closing of the deal, which is subject to several conditions, including the adoption of development plans for both Lövholmen and Värtan land areas, is expected in late 2017 at the earliest.

“The disposal is part of our long-term strategy for value creation and realization from our significant worldwide real estate,” says Dr. Bernd Scheifele, Chairman of the Managing Board of HeidelbergCement. “At the same time we contribute with our relocation to the development of the City of Stockholm.”

About HeidelbergCement

HeidelbergCement is the global market leader in aggregates and a prominent player in the fields of cement, concrete, and other downstream activities, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials. The company employs some 51,000 people at 2,500 locations in more than 40 countries.

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