Regional Responsibility

Our corporate philosophy involves thinking globally and acting locally. In other words, by taking on social responsibility at our locations around the globe, we are laying the foundations for our successful business operations worldwide. In the process, we establish business contacts, capitalise on local know-how, and maintain an intensive dialogue with our neighbours.

In cooperation with our local partners, we aim to create added value not only for our company but also for the communities in which our company locations are embedded. Whenever possible, we make sure that local employees manage operations at our Group’s locations.

All of our plants work closely with local suppliers and service providers. In fact, around 30% of our procurement volume is invested in the immediate vicinity of our plants, which promotes economic development.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate responsibility does not end with a company’s business processes and their direct impact. As a corporate citizen, we are a part of society, and we benefit from being fully involved at the community level at our locations around the world. We are also playing an active role in the search for solutions to social issues that affect these locations. Our understanding of our role is reflected in the Corporate Citizenship Guidelines, which lay down the benchmarks and objectives related to our social commitment. This commitment is focused on areas in which we have specific expertise and can achieve the best results for society:

  • Building, architecture, and infrastructure: we provide practical help in the construction of buildings and infrastructure by making products, financial means, and expertise available.
  • Environment, climate, and biodiversity: we support initiatives that promote environmental protection and strengthen the diversity of nature at our locations.
  • Education, training, and culture: in this area, we are guided by the specific needs of our ­locations.

We have also laid down certain evaluation criteria in order to ensure that these voluntary activities are both transparent and effective. We support projects, initiatives, and organisations that are active at our locations or to which we have a direct link. In addition, we make sure that the guidelines and principles of such organisations are in accordance with our own corporate philosophy.


Our business maxim is “Think globally — act locally”. The same philosophy applies to our social activities, which are based on clear guidelines but also allow scope for local needs.
Andreas Schaller, Director Group Communication & Investor Relations

Corporate Citizenship Projects at Indocement.