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HeidelbergCement has been active in Israel since the acquisition of Hanson in August 2007. Our subsidiary Hanson Israel produces aggregates, asphalt, and ready-mixed concrete.

In Israel, economic growth slowed down in 2014-2015 compared to previous years, with a growth rate of 2.6%. Thanks to high rates of residential construction (pushed strongly by the government as a major economic and social effort to decrease residential unit prices), as well as numerous infrastructure projects, building and construction activity remained at a relatively high level, just slightly below the peak reached in 2013.

Our aggregates sales in Israel have remained fairly stable over the last few years. In ready-mixed concrete business, we have seen increasing sales volumes (YoY) for several years in Israel. The asphalt operating line in Israel reported a decline in sales volumes after peak years, due to a reduction in municipal activities and a decrease in relevant road infrastructure activity.

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