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PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. ("Indocement") is one of Indonesia's leading producers of quality cement and specialty cement products, marketed under the brand name "Tiga Roda". Currently, Indocement directly owns five subsidiaries, as well as nine subsidiaries under indirect ownership, and three associated entities involved in several businesses related to the production and sale of cement, ready-mixed concrete (RMC), aggregates, and trass. HeidelbergCement Group has been Indocement’s majority shareholder since 2001.

Today, Indocement operates three factories, which together host 13 plants with a total annual production capacity of 24.9 million tonnes of cement. Ten plants are located in Citeureup Factory, Bogor, West Java; two plants in Palimanan Factory, Cirebon, West Java; and one plant in Tarjun Factory, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. Indocement has completed its new integrated cement plant in Q4 2016 with state-of-art technology in Citeureup Factory, Bogor, with an annual capacity of 4.4 million tonnes. Citeureup Factory is now one of the largest integrated cement plant complexes in the world. To support its business and distribution network, Indocement owns eight cement terminals and 38 batching plants.

As one of Indonesia prominent cement producers, Indocement is currently well-positioned for the years ahead, especially given the additional capacity from the new plant. Anticipating higher market demand, Indocement continues to expand its RMC and aggregates business, as well as looking ahead to meet the growing challenges and opportunities in the cement market.

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"Everybody has the same opportunity to achieve a better carrier based on the performance."
Retnawan Widhiantoro, plant 6 and 11 manager at Citeureup

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