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HeidelbergCement was founded 1873 in Heidelberg, Germany. Until the 1960s HeidelbergCement was active almost exclusively in its home market of southern Germany. Today, the company employs around 4,000 people throughout Germany. With roughly 60,000 employees at around 3,000 locations in more than 60 countries, HeidelbergCement Group is among the leading global producers of building materials. The company headquarters are located in Heidelberg.

HeidelbergCement is the largest supplier in Germany’s cement market, operating a total of eight cement and three grinding plants. Most of the German production sites are located in the southern and north-western parts of the country. In the aggregates business line, the company maintains an expansive network of sand, gravel, and hard stone mining operations at 36 locations in Germany. A total of 221 plants produce and supply ready-mixed concrete nationwide. The concrete business line also produces paving stones and building blocks as well as precast concrete elements. The building products business line in Germany encompasses the sand-lime brick segment – with 14 plants in all.

In 2014, an ambitious investment programme for the modernisation and efficiency improvement of our cement plants and environmental protection commenced in Germany. At the start of 2016, the comprehensive conversion and modernisation of the Lengfurt plant was completed. Comparable measures are being planned and implemented in the Burglengenfeld and Schelklingen plants, with commissioning expected in 2018.

Number of Plants

Asphalt (JV)
Ready-mixed concrete (incl. JV)
Concrete products
Sand-lime bricks (incl. JV)

(As of 2017)

Employees, Leimen, Germany
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Wolfgang Bender, Head of the Electrical Training Section