Electricity from waste heat

Waste heat power generation saves energy and cuts costs

On 15 February 2015, the Narsingarh plant in the State of Madhya Pradesh began using waste heat from its kiln line to generate additional power for operations at the plant.

The new facility, which allows energy to be produced using excess heat from the kilns, has potential to generate up to 12 MW of power for captive consumption, substituting equivalent grid power and thereby reducing the company's power costs by 10-15%.

“Building sustainable business practices remains core to HeidelbergCement’s philosophy. I congratulate the project team on successful and timely completion of this project, which not only helps the company reduce carbon emissions, but will also add value to the bottom line,”  said Jamshed Cooper, CEO & Managing Director at HeidelbergCement India.  

Waste Heat Power Generation plant, India. Waste heat recovery for power generation
Waste heat recovery for power generation

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