Aggregates are classified by particle size and consistency. They can be subdivided into the categories: natural stone aggregates (sand and gravel) and crushed aggregates (stone chippings and crushed stones). Aggregates are generally available in the form of a homogeneous bulk product. The product characteristics are standardised, in order to ensure the necessary levels of reliability and processability.

Aggregates are used in a variety of industries for a range of purposes. They are a primary component in the production of concrete and asphalt, but also serve as a filter and fill material or as a basic material for road building and railway construction. Our product portfolio varies from country to country.

Development of sales volumes

In 2016, aggregates sales volumes rose by 9.1% to 272.0 million tonnes (previous year: 249.2) as a result of consolidation. The sales volumes of the new markets in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Thailand, and North America have been included in this figure. Excluding these new markets and other consolidation effects due to the expansion of our activities in Northern Europe, Poland, and Australia, the aggregates sales volumes were at the level of the previous year. Develop­ment in individual Group areas was rather mixed. The most substantial increase in deliveries was recorded in the Africa-Eastern Mediterranean Basin Group area and, to a lesser extent, in Western and Southern Europe as well as in North America. In contrast, we experienced significant losses in the Northern and Eastern Europe-Central Asia Group area, and our deliveries of aggregates also fell in Asia-Pacific in comparison with the previous year.

Financial Key Figures 2016
Reserves and resources in bnt20.1
Aggregates plants (+ JV)569 (+13)
Total sales volumes in mt272.0
Revenue in €m3,362
Result from current operations before depreciation and amortisation in €m839
Sales Volumes 2016 in Group Areas in mt
Western and Southern Europe67.4
Northern and Eastern Europe-Central Asia37.0
North America118.8
Africa-Eastern Mediterranean Basin10.1