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Ready-mixed mortar

Our top quality mortars are delivered ready-to-use from a network of plants strategically located throughout the UK.

Plastic tubs are provided for easy delivery and to allow the material to be moved easily around sites by fork-lift or crane. Quality-controlled batching ensures consistent colour and strength and our mortars remain usable for up to two working days when stored in the covered tubs.

Using Hanson mortars makes good economic sense for projects of all sizes. You can save on the costs of mixing equipment and labour, eliminate messy site mixing and avoid the loss of sand and cement through wastage or theft. In addition, construction can start before water and electricity services are installed and site clearance is also easier.

It’s the simplest way of ensuring top quality mortars are available when you need them, with no expensive set-up costs.

A comprehensive range

Our plants can produce mortars for all types of masonry construction, including lime sand mortar for natural stonework.

They are recommended for use with a wide variety of dense aggregate or lightweight concrete blocks, facing units and bricks including the extensive brick ranges from Hanson Building Products.

When used in properly constructed masonry, our mortars set in the same way as site-mixed mortars and with equivalent performance. They are suitable for all forms of construction and all sand/cement designations as specified in BS 4721 are available, as are the new mortar classes to BS EN 998-2.

Our mortars are manufactured with high quality sands, cements and admixtures to meet the requirements of BS EN 998-2. Prepared under strictly controlled conditions, each batch is consistent in colour, workability and strength. The sand and cement is accurately batched by weight and the admixtures and water are precisely metered, eliminating the inaccuracies of site mixing. Both air entraining and the cement control-set admixtures comply with BS 4887 (BS EN 934-3 from 2003).

Our mortars are discharged on site into 0.25 cubic metre tubs. 

Orders, enquires and technical information.

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