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Quick set mortar

Hanson Quickset mortar is ready mixed and easy to use for simple home repairs.

Just add water and use Quickset mortar around the home for drains, repairing steps, setting posts and brackets and grouting bolts.

Mixing and method:

1) Break out any loose material and brush clean ensuring that the area to be repaired is free from oil or gas. Dampen the surface using clean water.

2) Thoroughly mix the contents of the bag before use, as some settlement of the material may have occured during transit.

3) Working quickly, mix the Quickset mortar with only sufficient water to produce a smooth, stiff paste.

Approximate water addition


    Water (ml) 









4) Once mixed, apply to the area to be repaired using a trowel or pallet knife. After approx 5 minutes, smooth off the area before the mortar begins to set.

5) Ensure that all tools and mixing areas are cleaned immediately after use with water.