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Packed products

Hanson Cement provides a total solution for all your cement and packed product requirements. Our Packed Products division offers a wide range of high quality cement, cementitious products, decorative and base aggregates.

Multicem is a high performance, air-entrained, packed cement from Hanson. more ›
Cement Packed Products
Professional quality more ›
Concrete Packed Products
Just add water more ›
Conservation Mortars
Conservation, restoration and renovation more ›
Mortars Packed Products
Ready to use range more ›
Macadam Packed Products
Patch and permanent repair more ›
Rock Salt Packed Products
De-icing drives, roads, patios, paths and steps more ›
Aggregates Packed Product
Ideal for footings, paths, steps and general building use more ›
Sand Packed Product
From laying bricks to child play areas more ›
Plaster Packed Products
Easy to use ideal for indoor use more ›
Render Packed Products
Professional quality for easy application more ›