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Brick bond patterns

Bonding makes brickwork uniform in structure and composition, whilst maximising its strength durability and visual appeal.

Below are five of the most popular bonding patterns used in the UK. 

Stretcher bond brickwork 

Stretcher bond

Stretcher bond is one of the most common bonds.  It is easy to lay with little waste and composed entirely of stretchers set in rows, offset by half a brick.

English bond brickwork

English bond
English bond is made up of alternating courses of stretchers and headers. This produces a solid wall that is a full brick in depth.  English bond is easy to lay and is the strongest bond for a one-brick-thick wall. 

Flemish bond brickwork

Flemish bond
Flemish bond is created by alternately laying headers and stretchers in a single course.  The next course is laid so that a header lies in the middle of the stretcher course below.

Header bond brickwork

Header bond
Header bond is created by rows of headers, only displaced by half a brick on each row. This bond is often use to create curved brickwork.

Stack bond brickwork

Stack bond
A pattern made up of rows of stretchers with each stretcher centred on the stretcher below it.  All joints run vertically down the entire wall.