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A brick for every project

Brick Selector

Brick Selector - a select range of high quality bricks more >


Ecostock™ the future of brick
The most environmentally friendly stock brick range in the UK. more ›
Brick matching
Send us a photograph and our experts will identify it for you. more ›

Brick specials
The most comprehensive selection of special shaped bricks in the UK. more ›
London brick
The London brick brand goes back over 130 years. more ›

Brickwork details
Brick textures, bonding patterns, mortar colours and joint profiles. more ›
Hanson Measham brick factory
Visit the most modern brick plant in Europe. more ›

The Dimensions® range provides the opportunity to create stunning contemporary façades whilst employing traditional building techniques.
Modular sized bricks and large format blocks more ›

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