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Hanson is the UK's leading manufacturer of aircrete blocks under the Thermalite® brand. We also produce impressive range of lightweight and dense aggregate blocks.

Aggregate blocks
Hanson's aggregate blocks are available in a variety of densities, strengths, sizes, and configurations to suit any application. more ›
Thermalite blocks
With over 50 years of heritage, Hanson Thermalite® are well versed in all things aircrete. more ›
Find out more about our highly sustainable aircrete blocks, and the high recycled content of our aggregate blocks. more ›
Complete information covering all aspects of using Hanson blocks for your project. more ›
Blocks quality
Hanson's blocks are manufactured in compliance with all relevant standards and codes of practice. more ›
Blocks customer service
Hanson have a reputation for first class customer care. Coupled with our qualified team of technical advisors, we can assist with any aspect of your project. more ›
case studies
Hanson blocks have been used in a number of varied and insteresting projects. more ›
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