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Thin joint mortar speeds contemporary build

  • Location - Tidmarsh
  • Building type - Residential  
  • Product - Hi-Strength and Thin Joint Mortar

Bere Leys in Tidmarsh, Oxfordshire, is a stunningly attractive contemporary development that incorporates the latest construction products and systems for the build process, including Thermalite® Thin Joint Mortar from Hanson Building Products.

A private residential development over an area of 12,000m², the new build project comprises a main house surrounded by a number of outbuildings for use as guest wings and staff quarters. A brand new swimming pool will add the finishing touch to complete this luxury complex.

Designed by Herring Homes in conjunction with architect, Allister Godfrey, the use of the Thin Joint Mortar helps to speed up the build process and achieve the required insulation performance for the ancillary buildings. Project manager, Brian Belcher of building firm, Cantiere Developments has used the system before on the continent but this is the first time that he has used it for a domestic scheme and he is delighted with the way it is helping the build. “It is easier to use than conventional mortar and it certainly allows us as builders to speed up the process,” he comments. “The Hi-Strength blocks that we are using will be clad in timber in keeping with the design specification, to provide an excellent base in terms of strength and insulation.”

Used with Hi-Strength 190mm Thermalite® aircrete blocks, the system allows builders to save time, labour and money. The thin layer mortar is a premixed cement based product that only requires water to make it ready for application. Typically, Thermalite® blocks built with the mortar offer stability within 60 minutes, enabling the amount of walling that can be built to be increased. In turn, this speeds up the build process as installation of other components can begin earlier.

The system – which is a recognised Modern Method of Construction (MMC) - also reduces the amount of mortar required for any given area of wall by at least 70% over conventional mortar, allowing tighter U values as heat loss through the mortar joints is reduced.

The development adheres to the highest standards both in construction practice and the materials used. Thermalite® Hi-Strength blocks are also being used for the swimming pool, together with the TJM, demonstrating the flexibility of the system to be used in a variety of applications. When completed next year, Bere Leys offers a modern, contemporary home set in a very traditional rural setting, a development that exemplifies excellence in both design and construction.