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Thermalite® Hi-Strength 10

Hi-Strength 10 has been specifically developed for structural applications such as three or four storey buildings, where loading conditions require a 10.4N/mm² building block.

Hi-Strength 10 blocks are available in a range of thicknesses as a special order item only. Please consult Customer Services for full details.

Working dimensions
Face dimensions (mm) 440 x 215, 440 x 430

Thicknesses and weights
Block thicknesses & weights at equilibrium density (for 440 x 215mm)
Thickness (mm)    100   140   150    190   200    215  
Weight* (kg)  7.5  10.5  11.3  14.3  15.0  16.1 

Mean compressive strength not less than 8.7N/mm²**

Designed thermal conductivity (λ) 0.20W/mK

Specified gross dry density 770kg/m³

*Block weights are calculated using specified gross dry density, with a moisture content of 3% by weight added to provide the equilibrium value. 
** Blocks are manufactured to BS EN 771-4, Category 1, which allows the use of an enhanced partial safety factor (BS 5628).
Achieving the code with Thermalite®