Achieving an Optimal Work-Life Balance

Employees are much more than an economic input. They are individuals – each with their own ideas, preferences, dreams, and ambitions. We're convinced that our employees can only realize their full professional potential when they are satisfied with their private lifes as well. For this reason, we strive to provide our employees with the time and space needed to pursue personal goals outside of the workplace.

We do this with up to 30 days of paid vacation as well as time off to compensate for overtime work. HeidelbergCement also offers special benefits for parents in order to ensure an optimal balance between work and family.

Career and family are compatible!

Camping, climbing, canoeing, and barbecuing – these are just some of the activities underway while mom and dad are at work. At the Delta Kids summer camp, an initiative of the Rhein-Neckar Regional Association that is aimed at promoting compatibility between career and family, children receive all-day supervision during the summer holidays. Since 2005, sports clubs, families, and companies such as HeidelbergCement have been working together to provide supervised activities for school-aged children during holiday breaks.

And after the holidays? Flexible working hours and flextime are important tools for ensuring that our employees can excel both on the job and at home. In addition, we support other programs and initiatives. For example, as a member of the Rhein-Necker Family Association (Familiengenossenschaft), HeidelbergCement helps to provide day care services for the children of employees.

Employees in Dialogue

Learn about experiences from various generations, from newcomer to veteran, and what keeps the people at HeidelbergCement building for the future.