Woodward’s Redevelopment, Canada

Originally built as a department store in 1903, the Woodward’s Building is a historic site in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, Canada. The Woodward’s Redevelopment Project was a major revitalisation and renewal project for the area. All but the oldest part of the Woodward’s Building was demolished to create a new urban hub.

The new mixed-use buildings combine community housing, condominiums, government and nonprofit offices, a contemporary art school for Simon Fraser University (SFU), retailers, and a childcare centre. The conjoined towers total one million square feet (92,900 m2) and encircle a central courtyard. The project paved the way for the further development of Vancouver’s Gastown area.

HeidelbergCement’s subsidiary Ocean Concrete’s self-consolidating HighFlow thin topping concrete was used to create acoustically insulated slabs for the theatres, cinema halls, and acoustic soundstage. A variety of proprietary products were used to deliver the specified architectural performance characteristics. More than 60,000 m3 of ready-mixed concrete was delivered to the project site. 18,800 m3 of Tempo High-Early Age Strength Concrete and 10,000 m3 of HighFlow were used for areas requiring architectural concrete with or without heavily congested reinforcing steel.

In 2010, the building received the Landmark Award of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association.

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