Tsankov Kamak Hydro Power Plant, Bulgaria

The Tsankov Kamak Hydro Power Plant is a double curvature arch dam with a max. height of 130.5 m and a length along the crest axis of 468 m.

A total of 520,000 m³ of concrete was used for construction of the dam, which features a central spillway (4 x 8 m wide spill bays) equipped with segment gates. A small power plant was built close to the dam, generating about 185 GWh annually. Besides power generation, the dam is used for irrigation, as well as drinking and household water supply.

The Tsankov Kamak Hydro Power Plant is located on the river Vacha in the municipality of Devin. It is part of the Dospat-Vacha cascade development initiative, which includes five dams and power stations.

HeidelbergCement’s subsidiary Devnya Cement supplied 160,000 tonnes of cement for this project.

4814 Devin