Training Center of Real Madrid, Spain

Real Madrid is probably the best known football club in the world and represents Madrid and Spain all around the world. It has chosen innovative building materials of HeidelbergCement’s Spanish subsidiary FYM for its latest building project.

Real Madrid is expanding the center in Valdedebas (Madrid), where its teams train and executives meet to make important decisions. The project includes two grass fields, a pavilion for Real Madrid’s basketball team, and a meeting zone for the Executive Committees.

A key point of the project was to use innovative products to transmit the innovative spirit of the club to all its athletes and supporters. In this context, TECNO 45.5 R cement, with photocatalytic properties, was chosen as the main material for the external structure. Concrete panels were manufactured to remain white over time, and to clean the air of pollutant agents. TECNO is produced using TX Active®, the photocatalytic technology developed by HeidelbergCement’s subsidiary Italcementi to transform a static material like cement into an active material able to interact with light and transform pollutant gases and particles into inert agents.

Further information (Spanish)

Camino Sintra
28050 Valdedebas, Madrid