Sports Centre University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

A ¼ mile (400 m) suspended indoor running track was constructed as part of the new Charles Jago sports facility at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, Canada.

The track is supported above the floor by approximately 40 concrete columns and beams. The columns are 2 feet (61 cm) by 4 feet (122 cm) in the dimension and between 40-60 feet (12-18 m) high.

As the columns contained tightly spaced rebar, they could not be placed and vibrated in a traditional fashion. HeidelbergCement’s Canadian subsidiary Inland Concrete recommended the use of a HIGH-FLOW concrete mix for this project, as its self-consolidating properties were ideal for this type of project. The total delivery amounted to 500 m3 HIGH-FLOW concrete.

Ideal for use in areas of highly congested structural reinforcement, HIGH-FLOW concrete met the structural and architectural specifications of the project. Pumping the concrete up from the bottom resulted in a quality finish with a reduced number of air voids (bugholes).

Western Industrial Contractors were very pleased with the results and continued to utilise the HIGH-FLOW concrete mix for the construction of the horizontal beams.

Further information

3333 University Way
Prince George, BC