Sustainability from the start

In the autumn of 2014, the Tabligbo clinker plant began quarrying limestone. Today, not even two years later, a total of two hectares of the quarry have already been restored. This success was made possible because HeidelbergCement subsidiary Scantogo's restoration efforts in the quarry started practically simultaneously with extraction of the resource.

In celebration of this first in Africa programme, Scantogo managing director Endre Rygh, together with representatives of the local communities and authorities, planted the first trees at the site. The young trees came from the company's tree nursery, located only a few kilometres away. The trees will serve to enrich, stabilise and rehabilitate the soil. In the future, the local people will benefit from the fruits of the trees, as well as the lumber and firewood provided. The area is also to be improved by formation of a new lake.

The rehabilitation process was set up by Scantogo in collaboration with local farmers, who will take back ownership of the land in a few years. In order to ensure optimum use of the landscape, the farmers are already being trained in tree care and planting. Farmers in two additional villages will also receive training in fish farming, to keep the new lake stocked with fish over the long term. The quarry is supposed to operate for another 35 years on the roughly 600-hectare site.  

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