Ready-Mixed Concrete and Asphalt

Our ready-mixed concrete and asphalt activities are bundled in the ready-mixed concrete-asphalt business line. Our product portfolio varies from country to country.

Concrete/Ready-mixed concrete

Concrete is a mixture of aggregates (approx. 80%), cement (approx. 12%), and water. Depending on the desired application, the characteristics of the concrete can be changed through the use of certain additives.

Except for water, no other substance on the planet is used more than concrete. All major construction projects – whether for tunnels or bridges, office buildings or schools – use concrete in some form or another. Concrete is usually delivered to the building site by ready-mix trucks and is poured locally into forms. Moreover, concrete is also used for the production of precast concrete parts, such as stairs, ceiling elements, or structural components.


Asphalt consists of a mixture of various sized aggregates, filler (rock dust), and bitumen (tar). It is used primarily in the building of traffic infrastructure – roads, walkways, and parking lots.

Key Figures Ready-Mixed Concrete-Asphalt 2015
Ready-mixed concrete plants1,317
Ready-mixed concrete sales volumes in million cbm36.7
Asphalt plants114
Asphalt sales volumes in million tonnes9.1
Revenue in €m4,156
Operating income before depreciation in €m149
Ready-Mixed Concrete Sales Volumes 2015 in Group Areas in mm3
Western and Northern Europe13.0
Eastern Europe-Central Asia3.4
North America6.4
Africa-Mediterranean Basin3.0
Asphalt Sales Volumes 2015 in Group Areas in mt
Western and Northern Europe3.0
North America3.7
Africa-Mediterranean Basin0.4