1 March 2016

Quarry Life Award: more than 450 project proposals to promote species diversity

March 1 was the application deadline for the international Quarry Life Award. Worldwide, 454 applications were received for HeidelbergCement’s research competition – 15% more than last time. Pupils, students, young researchers, and conservation organisations from Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania were asked to submit project proposals focusing on biodiversity protection and management in one of the 69 participating quarries of the Group.

The national juries then have the difficult task of selecting the five best projects in each of the 19 competition areas (covering 22 countries). For those selected, the real work will start in April. From then until September, the selected candidates and teams will perform their field work research to validate and develop their ideas. Nearly 100 projects will be rolled out across four continents.

For each national competition, the top three projects will be awarded with prizes of €1,500, € 3,000 and €5,000 in autumn 2016. At the same time, an international jury will follow up and judge the participants to reward the best projects from an international perspective. This jury will award €10,000 to the best project in each category - Habitat & Species Research, Biodiversity Management, Education & Awareness Raising, Beyond Quarry Borders and Student Class Project. In addition, a Grand Prize of €30,000 will be granted to the best overall project at the international award ceremony that will take place in Brussels in December 2016.

Launched in 2012 by HeidelbergCement and its national companies, the Quarry Life Award is now in its third edition.

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