Parking at Sofia Airport Center, Bulgaria

HeidelbergCement’s subsidiary Devnya Cement supplied the special cement i.idro DRAIN for the central parking lot of the Sofia Airport Center (SAC) in Bulgaria.

The SAC building was awarded Gold certification by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification programme, thanks, among other things, the use of a sustainable product like i.idro DRAIN, instead of asphalt.

i.idro DRAIN combines the strength of a normal concrete pavement with a drainage capacity of 100 times greater than that of natural soil. i.idro DRAIN’s drainage capacity varies as a function of the particle size distribution adopted for its formulation. The paving is able to drain 100% of storm water into the ground, replenishing aquifers.

bul. "Christopher Columbus" 64
1592 Sofia

Employees, Bulgaria.

i.idro DRAIN