19 October 2007

HeidelbergCement changes Hanson’s financing structure

issuance of upstream and downstream guarantee

Further to the announcement issued on 13 September 2007 regarding Hanson’s financing structure HeidelbergCement AG confirms that:

1. A guarantee has now been issued by HeidelbergCement AG of the obligations of Hanson Limited and Hanson Australia Funding Limited under the following bonds (the “Hanson US$ Bonds”):

a. US$750m, 7.875% bonds, due 27 September 2010, issued by Hanson Limited;

b. US$750m, 5.25% bonds, due 15 March 2013, issued by Hanson Australia Funding Limited and guaranteed by Hanson Limited;

c. US$750m, 6.125% bonds, due 15 August 2016, issued by Hanson Limited;

2. Hanson Limited has issued a guarantee of the financial indebtedness (including moneys raised by the issue of bonds, debentures or similar instruments) of HeidelbergCement AG and any of its subsidiaries which is guaranteed by HeidelbergCement AG. This guarantee shall expire on the repayment of the Hanson US$ Bonds.

The guarantees are published on HeidelbergCement’s and Hanson’s websites (heidelbergcement.com/Investor Relations/Fixed income investor's information/US Dollar Bonds and www.hanson.com).

It is expected that the de-listing of the Hanson US$ Bonds from the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange, and their re-listing on the Euro MTF operated by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange will be finalised in 2007.

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