6 December 2007

Hanson Limited changes bond listings

Further to the announcements issued on 13 September 2007 and 19 October 2007 regarding changes in the financing structure of the Hanson Group, HeidelbergCement AG announces that

  • the 7.875% Notes due 27 September 2010 (the “2010 Notes”), and
  • the 6.125% Notes due 15 August 2016 (Symbol NYSE: HAN16) (the “2016 Notes”) both of its subsidiary, Hanson Limited, and
  • the 5.25% Notes due 15 March 2013 (Symbol NYSE: HAN/13) (the “2013 Notes”) of its subsidiary, Hanson Australia Funding Limited, (collectively, the “Bonds”)

have been listed on the official list of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and are eligible to trade on the Euro MTF Market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

These subsidiaries have furthermore notified their intention to voluntarily withdraw the 2016 Notes and the 2013 Notes from listing on the New York Stock Exchange and the 2010 Notes from listing on the London Stock Exchange. Following the delisting of the 2016 Notes and the 2013 Notes from the New York Stock Exchange, it is intended to deregister the Bonds from registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

HeidelbergCement AG is a publicly traded company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges in Germany, and provides annual and periodic reports to its investors pursuant to German law. On 19 October 2007, HeidelbergCement AG issued unconditional guarantees of the Bonds. In light of the HeidelbergCement AG guarantees, the availability of information about HeidelbergCement AG and the small number of record holders of the Bonds, HeidelbergCement AG has decided that the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is a more appropriate exchange for the Bonds. After the delisting, holders of the Bonds will continue to deal with and receive their interest payments through the trustee, The Bank of New York.

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