7 May 2009

HeidelbergCement – Annual General Meeting

on Thursday, 7 May 2009 in the Portland Forum am Herrenberg in Leimen

In his speech in front of roughly 300 shareholders, the Chairman of the Managing Board, Dr. Bernd Scheifele, declared that HeidelbergCement is well-positioned to take on the challenges in 2009 after the success of its operations in 2008. The rapid and efficient integration of Hanson, the Company’s early capacity adjustments, particularly in the USA and the United Kingdom, and consistent cost management are all to thank for HeidelbergCement’s solid footing.

There is an intensive focus on the central theme “Reorganisation of the financing structure”. The current phase in this process is refinancing of debt, and Dr. Scheifele reported that the Company has already made good progress in this regard. With the broad support of the shareholders, HeidelbergCement was also given additional leeway to take corporate actions deemed necessary going forward. 72.45% of the Company’s share capital, amounting to EUR 375 million, was represented at the meeting.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Fritz-Jürgen Heckmann reelected

The Annual General Meeting elected the following shareholder representatives as members of the Supervisory Board:

  • Fritz-Jürgen Heckmann, Stuttgart
  • Gerhard Hirth, Ulm
  • Max Dietrich Kley, Heidelberg
  • Ludwig Merckle, Ulm
  • Tobias Merckle, Leonberg
  • Eduard Schleicher, Ulm

In mid-March, the following employee representatives were elected to the new Supervisory Board:

  • Robert Feiger, Frankfurt
  • Josef Heumann, Burglengenfeld
  • Hans Georg Kraut, Schelklingen
  • Heinz Schmitt, Heidelberg
  • Werner Schraeder, Ennigerloh
  • Frank-Dirk Steininger, Frankfurt

The size of the Supervisory Board had been reduced from 16 to 12 members from the beginning of the new term of office by resolution of the Annual General Meeting of 23May 2006. The mandates of the Supervisory Board members are valid until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2014.

In its constitutive meeting following the Annual General Meeting, the new Supervisory Board reelected Fritz-Jürgen Heckmann as its Chairman. Heinz Schmitt was elected as Deputy Chairman.

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