19 August 2009

HeidelbergCement publishes Sustainability Report 2009

  • CO2 emissions significantly reduced by 18%
  • Sustainability Ambitions 2020 define long-term goals

HeidelbergCement publishes a sustainability report for the third time, transparently highlighting in detail the Group activities relevant to sustainability. The Sustainability Report 2009 provides information on the crucial progress HeidelbergCement has made in central fields of the Group sustainability strategy in the years 2007 and 2008: Both with respect to climate protection and preservation of resources, the targeted goals were, in part, clearly exceeded. For instance, the Group made a commitment to reducing direct net specific CO2 emissions by 15% by 2010 compared with 1990. In 2008, a reduction by 18% was already achieved. With a proportion of 17.5%, HeidelbergCement continues to be the industry front-runner in the use of alternative fuels. Thereby biomass accounts for around one third of the total alternative fuel rate.

Furthermore, HeidelbergCement strives to establish its leadership role in promoting biodiversity in quarrying sites – through the implementation of Group-wide standards and guidelines, among other things. Sustainability also plays an increasingly important role in product development: With innovative products, the Group makes tangible contributions towards sustainable building.

"We have achieved a lot and made considerable progress,” explains Dr. Bernd Scheifele, Chairman of the Managing Board. "With our Sustainability Ambitions 2020, we have set ourselves ambitious goals on the path to greater sustainability."

Sustainability Ambitions 2020: fields of action for sustainability

The focal topics of HeidelbergCement's Sustainability Ambitions 2020 are defined by the core business:

  • Giving highest priority to occupational health and safety: HeidelbergCement strives for zero accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses
  • Protecting the climate: HeidelbergCement works continuously to minimise its greenhouse gas emissions and delivers solutions for adaptation to climate change.
  • Delivering a prominent positive contribution to biodiversity: HeidelbergCement aims to establish a leadership position in the development of biodiversity at its mining and quarrying sites.
  • Working for sustainable construction: HeidelbergCement works to deliver sustainable building materials, which positively contribute to the welfare of our society and to our environment – during and after their lifetime.
  • Using waste as a resource: By viewing waste and by-products as a resource, HeidelbergCement minimises the use of natural resources and offers solutions for sustainable waste management.
  • Further reducing other environmental impacts: HeidelbergCement aims to be best in class in managing and minimising its environmental impacts.

The Sustainability Report 2009 and additional information are available at the HeidelbergCement Group website www.heidelbergcement.com.

HeidelbergCement is one of the largest building materials manufacturers worldwide, as the global market leader in aggregates and with leading positions in cement, concrete and other downstream activities. The Group employs around 57,000 people at 2,600 locations worldwide.

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