With 13.6 million inhabitants, London is the largest metropolitan area in the European Union. Its population is growing by around 1.7% per year. Several striking skyscrapers have appeared on the London skyline in recent years, and others are being built. Even below the surface there is a lot going on: the underground system is being extended, and a major new sewage tunnel is under construction. Our subsidiary Hanson is the leading building materials supplier in the metropolitan area. With 1 cement terminal and 3 aggregates terminals with rail connections, 12 ready-mixed concrete plants, 3 asphalt plants, and 4 quay installations on the Thames and Medway, Hanson is fully integrated and therefore the preferred supplier for largescale projects, such as the underground expansion. Innovative logistics concepts are also applied: A new record was already set in 2014 by pumping concrete over a distance of 1.3 km to a construction site. This is environmentally friendly and relieves the metropolitan area of some of its heavy traffic.