Management Responsibility for Safety at Work

Sustainable Health & Safety training starts at the top

Sustainably high H&S standards require more than policies and posters. That´s why the “Summit” Development Programme for top and senior managers at HeidelbergCement emphasises the importance of leading by example on H&S issues.

In simulated action sessions, participants experience first-hand the far-reaching consequences of not living up to their H&S management responsibilities. Led by Duke Corporate Education trainers, the focus is on being a role model in adhering to safety guidelines. In project work, managers also investigate how to prevent work-related accidents at country-level and report these findings to the Board.

In general, “Summit” aims at encouraging communication beyond organisational borders and enhancing management and leadership skills in the Group. The three modules focus on Group-wide, Area-level, and individual topics, such as driving change, leading talent, and coaching. But, by ingraining H&S awareness from the top down, “Summit” also contributes to a sustainable safe working environment.

Stefanie Kaufmann

Sustainability Communications Manager
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