Income Statement

€m2014 2015
Change in finished goods and work in progress17.123.2
Own work capitalised10.28.8
Operating revenue12,641.713,496.7
Other operating income292.5355.3
Material costs-5,319.7-5,477.1
Employee and personnel costs-2,049.9-2,274.2
Other operating expenses-3,447.1-3,689.2
Result from joint ventures170.6201.2
Operating income before depreciation (OIBD)2,288.02,612.7
Depreciation and amortisation-692.9-766.6
Operating income1,595.11,846.1
Additional ordinary income25.584.7
Additional ordinary expenses-88.8-97.0
Additional ordinary result-63.3-12.4
Result from associates26.728.7
Result from other participations1.40.8
Result from participations28.129.5
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)1,559.91,863.2
Interest income93.072.9
Interest expenses-555.3-469.1
Foreign exchange losses-43.4-35.3
Other financial result-123.5-118.2
Financial result-629.1-549.8
Profit before tax from continuing operations930.81,313.4
Income taxes-64.5-294.5
Net income from continuing operations866.31,018.9
Net loss from discontinued operations-178.9-35.7
Profit for the financial year687.3983.3
Thereof non-controlling interests201.7183.1
Thereof Group share of profit485.7800.1
Thereof proposed dividend 140.9244.3
Earnings per share in € (IAS 33)
Earnings per share attributable to the parent entity2.594.26
Earnings per share – continuing operations3.544.45
Loss per share – discontinued operations-0.95-0.19