Holiday Residence Bammental, Germany

Relax and unwind in a house made of lightweight concrete: in Bammental, within the Vorderer Odenwald Nature Park, the builder and architect have taken the opportunity to build a holiday residence made entirely of concrete.

The building plan allowed a maximum footprint of 65 m2 for the houses – plus garage, which is directly attached in front of the main house to give the structure optimum proportions.

With aggregates made of recycled glass foam granulate, the concrete is very light and has a good U-factor. The final step of a hydrophobic finish renders the sloping roof – also made of concrete ‑ waterproof. Our contribution to this construction project: 95 m³ of lightweight concrete with a density of 1.1 tonnes per cubic metre and 200 m³ of cement for the outer walls and roof. Consulting on the technical aspects of using concrete was provided by betotech GmbH in Eppelheim.

Holiday Residence Bammental by Heidelberger Beton has been awarded Silver in the category "Best Reference Property" from the Architects' Darling Award 2016. The decision was made by a 19-member jury, featuring well-known representatives of the architectural community. The jury emphasised the generous spacial qualities of the building, its great attention to detail, and the clear application of the product.

Further information (German)

69245 Bammental