HeidelbergCement Technology Center, Germany

On 26 October 2016, we celebrated the inauguration of our new laboratory and office building at the HeidelbergCement Technology Center (HTC) in Leimen, Germany. The new building provides space for the expansion of our research activities – particularly in the laboratory research. Overall, 190 workspaces will be housed in 7,200 square meters of offices and labs.

HTC brings together the Group's central engineering and R&D units focusing on cement, process technology, and operational efficiency. The research activities focus, among other things, on the development of alternative binders that do not necessarily require conventional clinker. Belite-Calciumsulfoaluminate-Ternesite (BCT) cement is one promising concept, which generates up to 30 percent less carbon dioxide during manufacturing than normal Portland cement clinker.

In his address to the guests, Dr. Bernd Scheifele made clear that the new research center would play an important role within HeidelbergCement: “It is here that we can show not only our commitment to efficiency in cement production, but also that we are working with focus to bring about innovations. This new building, which was built and ready in only 15 months, is to be a place of creativity. This is reflected in the great value we've placed on designing an atmosphere that promotes communication and new ideas.”

“From the very start, the construction plans were designed to not only use our own products, but to showcase them as well,” explains Markus Konecki, Senior Project Manager HTC. “For instance, the exposed concrete facing of the exterior is made using our own concrete. Inside too, we've created an architecture that highlights our products: like raw concrete ceilings, which will serve to heat and cool office areas using concrete core activation technology. The entrance area and other public spaces also feature exposed concrete elements.”

The new building's design is decidedly modern, not only in terms of its technical infrastructure and architectural character, but also when it comes to the all-important factor of sustainability. We have applied for certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGBN), and received the Gold certificate.

Rohrbacher Strasse 95
69181 Leimen

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