Customer Excellence Program, or: What makes our customers tick?

Stay ahead of the pack

As a manufacturer of homogeneous bulk goods such as cement, concrete, sand, and gravel, HeidelbergCement has to offer excellent customer service in order to stand out from the competition. The worldwide Customer Excellence Program (CEP) was launched to yield further improvement in this area.

A satisfied customer is a happy customer. But how do you enhance customer satisfaction worldwide? How do you determine what the customers in the different business lines and markets actually want? In order to find out and implement a standard that can be deployed internationally, a new feedback process was established through a number of pilot projects. Initially, interviews were held with selected customers regarding the individual phases of the sales and distribution process in which they had direct contact with the company. The aim was to find out what aspects are most important to customers during the respective sales process steps. These include, for example, contact with the sales team, application-related support, information on the precise delivery time or any delays, correct invoicing, or the opportunity to lodge complaints.

Constant communication - and action! Rather than asking customers to complete a simple survey, it was designed as a feedback loop of questions and responses. Continuous dialogue with the customers and implementation of the desired improvements are vital parts of this approach. A project like CEP is not a one-off campaign, but the start of an ongoing process that is of equal relevance worldwide in all of HeidelbergCement’s business lines.

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