Crescent City Marina, USA

The Crescent City Marina in California, USA, consists of 230 slips, plus side-tie space. The marina caters primarily to the fishing industry of Northern California, and provides moorage for boats 9 metres to 21 metres in length. The newly constructed marina is the United States' first "tsunami-resistant" marina.

After the 2011 tsunami event in Japan, Bellingham Marine Industries was hired to construct a new marina in Crescent City Harbour. The 121 metres long H-dock, which sits near the entrance, features 11 metres x 5 metres modules, with a 30 centimetres gap between modules. Each module is approximately 2 metres tall and weighs 73 tonnes. They are some of the largest and strongest in the world for this type of application. Because of their size, Bellingham Marine had to cast the pieces on site, using a synchro lift platform. The interior docks are also built with tsunami events in mind. The system’s strength is attributed to the massive concrete modules that make up the dock system, as well as the stout pile design.

The dock floats were constructed in Washington State by Bellingham Marine Industries, using Ferndale Ready Mix & Gravel as a material supplier. Onsite construction was led by Bellingham Marine Industries, and Lehigh Cement SW played an integral part in supplying materials for onsite construction needs.

Further information

101 Citizens Dock Rd
Crescent City, CA 95531
United States