A Commitment to Our Stakeholders

At HeidelbergCement, we constantly strive to improve our performance and achieve new goals. We are a publicly traded global leader in the construction materials sector, and we're proud of what we do. Our products are needed and used everywhere, and serve to improve the lives of people. In many countries our presence marks the beginning of positive economic and social trends; frequently we have laid the foundation for the economic blossoming of an entire region.

We derive strength from knowing that our activities are eminently useful, for they serve the purpose of building a better future. At the same time, we're aware that our activities carry special responsibility – not only to our customers, but also to our employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment. At HeidelbergCement, every employee has a role in fulfilling our responsibilities to stakeholders – this sense of shared responsibility is a key element of our corporate culture.

Sustainability - an integral component of our corporate strategy

In our drive to promote sustainability we're constantly setting new ecological, social, and economic goals. Climate protection measures, social outreach projects, as well as collaborative activities with local communities are all a testament to our commitment to sustainable business practices.

In all of our activities, we're dedicated to being a reliable, dependable partner. This relates not only to the relationships that we build with customers, but also to the quality of our products, for ultimately, the construction materials we provide must be designed to last.

Defining values is one thing – the key, however, is to breathe life into them, so that they are an active part of our corporate culture. Dedicated, conscientious employees as well as a shared management culture are both crucial to ensuring our values are not just words on paper, but rather principles that guide our actions on a day-to-day basis.


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