HeidelbergCement renews its commitment to sustainability

Sustainability Commitments 2030 focus on six key priorities

“Our goal is to grow in harmony with the environment and society. The Sustainability Commitments 2030 challenge us to find new solutions and think differently to make our business even more sustainable. That is what we need to ensure our corporate success over the long-term,” said Dr. Bernd Scheifele, Chairman of the HeidelbergCement Managing Board, on the occasion of the launch of the Sustainability Commitments 2030. HeidelbergCement is thus renewing its commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility, and setting itself ambitious targets that the company intends to achieve by 2030.

The Sustainability Commitments 2030 replace the existing Sustainability Ambitions 2020, and at the same time expand the objectives of the HeidelbergCement sustainability strategy: For example, CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 30% compared with 1990 levels, in order to help achieve the global 2 °C target. In addition, 80% of the research and development budget is to be used for the development of sustainable products as a way to continuously promote innovation. In order to facilitate the circular economy, by-products or recycled materials are increasingly being substituted for natural raw materials. Occupational health and safety are also central to the new sustainability strategy, with the goal of a reduction in the number of lost-time accidents to zero.

To ensure that the company continues to grow sustainably, HeidelbergCement will focus on six key areas of action along the entire value chain:

Driving Economic Strength and Innovation

“We will ensure sustainable profitability through the effective management of all processes and resources and the continuing innovation of products and services.”

Achieving Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety

“We are committed to continuously enhancing the occupational health and safety conditions of our employees, contractors, and third parties.”

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

“We are committed to fulfilling our share of the global responsibility to keep temperature rise below 2 °C, and we will continue to reduce our impacts on air, land and water.”

Enabling the Circular Economy

“We conserve our natural reserves by continuously increasing the use of alternative resources as substitutes for natural raw materials.”

Being a Good Neighbour

“We are committed to supporting the social and economic development of our neighbouring communities and ensure transparent communication to all our stakeholders.”

Ensuring Compliance and Creating Transparency

“We adhere to international human rights, anti-corruption and labour standards and cooperate proactively in an open and transparent manner with all our stakeholders.”

HeidelbergCement supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As part of society, HeidelbergCement intends to contribute to a responsibly built environment for the benefit of all. Through implementation of the Sustainability Commitments 2030, the company supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to addressing social, economic and ecological challenges globally.

Further information about the Sustainability Commitments 2030.

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