Alternative Raw Materials and Fuels

The conservation of natural resources is part of our sustainable business strategy. That is why we make greater use of waste materials and by-products from other industries as valuable raw materials and fuels. We use alternative raw materials for the production of clinker, which is the most important intermediate product in the manufacture of cement. In this way we reduce the amount of CO2 intensive clinker in the final product. The increased use of alternative raw materials in cement production is thus a core element of our climate strategy.
At Group level, the proportion of clinker in cement amounted to 74,4% in 2016. We were able to further reduce the clinker ratio compared with the previous years. The share of alternative fuels reached 21.4% of our total fuel demand.

Following the integration of Italcementi, we will have to redefine the alternative fuel targets for our Group. We aim to publish the reworked targets for 2030 by the end of 2017.