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Aggregates Academy

For the first time, a comprehensive training programme has been developed for HeidelbergCement’s aggregates business line: the “Aggregates Academy”. The aim is to ensure that plant managers, sales employees, and management throughout the business line and all over the world are trained based on the same principles and content. The training concept is based on the collective knowledge compiled through intensive international cooperation across the Group. Experts from all Group areas have developed training materials covering important aspects of the business process in the aggregates business line. These were subsequently adapted to the specific requirements of the different countries and translated into the appropriate languages. The trainers are HeidelbergCement employees, which guarantees a higher level of acceptance among the participants and also keeps the knowledge within the Group.

Set new standards

Introduction of standards. Standards are another important part of the training content. The aim is to identify the best management processes, document them, and use them as a standard for the whole aggregates business line. The next step is to introduce these standards and processes at the plants. This method is not just employed in Germany, but is applied at all HeidelbergCement gravel plants and quarries worldwide. The processes are always the same: managing a gravel plant in Germany is no different – in terms of the fundamental processes – from managing a gravel plant in the USA, the United Kingdom, or Poland. Ultimately, this results in a harmonized management system.

Continuing education. The Academy was designed to act as a permanent institution for the aggregates business line, with ongoing training measures for employees and training documents that are continually updated to reflect the latest developments. This continuous development and constant exchange of ideas ensures the long-term success of the aggregates business line.

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